Aileron – Mirage

Dans la famille des synthwave/synthpop producers, voici Aileron, et c’est avec un de ses derniers titres, Mirage que nous avons voulu en savoir un peu plus sur lui. Voici donc notre traditionnel question/réponse, auquel j’ajouterai qu’à la 4eme question, je suis 100% en phase avec lui, et mes voisins connaissent aussi très bien Light Years Away d’Oliver !!

Mirage fait parti de l’EP éponyme sorti sur le label Français Lazerdiscs Records, et disponible ici.

La Musique Sismique – Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

Aileron – My name is Blaise Lofts, i am an Australian Living in Canada, and have been producing for around 8 years.

LMS – What are your ideal conditions to produce a track ?

A – Ideally i love to produce in the early morning, (9am) alone in my studio, it roughly takes around 2-3 weeks to write something i like and solitude has the best result.

LMS – Alone on a desert island, you have only one track on your iPod, which one ?

A – On a desert island. sister sledge – he’s the greatest dancer, an awesomely composed and produced disco classic.

LMS – What is the latest track you’ve listened that slapped your face ?

A – Light years away – Oliver, these guys are the best in the game, so heavy yet so funky. amazing.

LMS – What is your musical guilty pleasure ?

A – Late 80’s japanese funk, Japan was late to the Synth funk scene and really produced some amazing songs that generally went unnoticed as the scene changed into the 90’s

LMS – Do you have any release scheduled ?

A – Yes, i have an EP coming out later this year which is focused on a more modern funk and nudisco sound and production quality, all songs are written, just going through some mix-downs at the moment, i like to sit on an EP for a month or so and get everything as best as i can.


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