They believe yellow and blue are the beginning of everything, that 64 is a good number and that music is love. Hawaii and Sukil, the two Parisian artists behind SACRE, are definitely living on their own planet.
« Summer banger », « simply a breath of fresh air » « a triumph of minimalistic electronic pop » is how great names like Pharrell Williams, The Line Of Bestfit, Billboard Magazine or Clash Magazine describe their music.
After having released between 2017 & 2018 a five-track EP and a seven-tracks remixes EP, they are now working on a new album that will be released track by track every first Friday of the month, starting in January 2019. This project reunites music, photography, and storytelling. 12 characters. 12 hours. A Love Revolution.


SACRE – 09:00PM The Coconut Bar

SACRE – 08:00PM Junglization

SACRE – 07:00PM Vahine

SACRE – The Call (Gigamesh Remix)

SACRE – Lemonade

SACRE – Palmtree Hotel