Ben Hobbs

C’est avec une certaine grâce nonchalante que le Londonien Ben Hobbs fait son entrée sur la scène électro pop Ô combien encombrée. Son secret ? Un morceau parfaitement calibré mêlant instruments réels et boîte à rythme eighties, avec une structure couplet / refrain très maîtrisée et surtout une voix rappelant par instant un autre Londonien : Sam Smith.

Ben Hobbs a accepté de répondre à nos 6 questions :

La Musique Sismique – Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

Ben Hobbs – I’m Ben Hobbs, a singer-songwriter and producer from South London. I’ve been working on these songs for a little while, and am now really excited to get them out there.

LMS – What are your ideal conditions to produce a track ?

BH – I prefer to write lyrics when I’m away from home/ the studio, as I find it easier to get things flowing. But when producing a track, I actually like to mix things up a little and not have too much of a routine. That helps me get the creativity going.

LMS – Alone on a desert island, you have only one track on your iPod, which one ?

BH – Queen & David Bowie, ‘Under Pressure’

LMS – What is the latest track you’ve listened that slapped your face ?

BH – The Weeknd, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

LMS – What is your musical guilty pleasure ?

BH – Seal, ‘Kiss from a Rose’

LMS – Do you have any release scheduled ?

BH – Sweet Enough is out now! More music is to come very soon.