Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine (Antra Remix)

Version du célèbre titre de Brandy & Monica, The Boy Is Mine, sorti en 1998, il est ici revisité par le jeune producteur Américain Antra, qui nous a fait le plaisir de répondre à notre Q&R habituel. C’est en téléchargement gratuit ici, ne boudons pas notre plaisir !

La Musique Sismique – Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

Antra – Hey! I’m Antra, a 22 year old electronic music producer born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I just graduated college this year, so I’m very excited to be putting more focus into music production.

LMS – What are your ideal conditions to produce a track ?

A – Funny enough, I don’t really have ideal conditions when I’m working on music. It’s always a different atmosphere, but I make sure I don’t force it and I’m always inspired by something. Most of the time I’ll be alone, although it’s super fun to have friends in the studio that can lend a second ear. Also, I hate being put on deadlines. That added pressure can really stunt my creativity.

LMS – Alone on a desert island, you have only one track on your iPod, which one ?

A – Ooh that’s a hard one. Probably Still D.R.E. by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. That’s one of my all time favorites & I never get tired of it.

LMS – What is the latest track you’ve listened that slapped your face ?

A – Skrillex & Diplo – Mind (Ekali & Gravez Remix). I just love the whole vibe of that song,

LMS – What is your musical guilty pleasure ?

A – I don’t know if it’s a guilty pleasure anymore, but I really like listening to Young Thug. At first, it started as a joke between my friends and I, but the more I got into his music, the more I realized that he’s kind of a musical genius.

LMS – Do you have any release scheduled ?

A – I’m currently working on a ton of different remixes, along with an EP that I hope to finish soon. It’s all pretty experimental, but I think that’s important in order to push boundaries and also to further develop my sound. I definitely want to collaborate with other producers more in the future.

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