Crywolf - Cataclasm

Si vous nous suivez depuis quelques temps le nom de Crywolf ne vous sera pas étranger. Comment rester insensible à la musique de cet artiste californien maniant avec maestria les ambiances atmosphériques où s’entremêlent morceaux intimistes et space opéra ? Crywolf revient aujourd’hui avec l’ambitieux album Cataclasm monté comme un opéra justement en trois actes, parfaite synthèse de son univers. Parmi nos coups de coeurs :

Wake (E-Bow)

Act Two: A Shattering In F# Minor

The Hunger In Your Haunt

Crywolf nous a fait l’honneur de répondre à nos 6 questions :

What are your ideal conditions to produce a track ?

As far as my environment; alone, in a naturally beautiful place, surrounded by visual art that I love. As far as my mental state… there’s this certain mood I get in when I’ve been reading a lot of amazing writing and digesting a lot of incredible art lately. I feel… almost pregnant with inspiration. Like I need to birth something, some creative piece.

Alone on a desert island, you have only one track on your iPod, which one ?

« Wrapped In Piano Strings » by Radical Face. I’ve probably listened to that track a thousand times and I still love it just as much as I did the first time I heard it.

What is the latest track you’ve listened that slapped your face ?

This song called « Letting In » by Beauville, produced by NoMBe. Everything NoMBe has been putting out is incredible – so organic and clean and groovy. The last album that really slapped my face was Zaba by Glass Animals. That album was a big influence for Cataclasm.

What is your musical guilty pleasure ?

I don’t have many, but I would say Hot Ni**a by Bobby Shmurda is one.

Do you have any other release scheduled/planned ?

I have tons more material that I made while I was making Cataclasm – I almost had enough to do a two-sided album. There are also a bunch of collaborations I have in the works. What I’ve been working on for the most part, though, is my new live set… I’ve been playing DJ sets up until now, but I am building my new live set with vocals, percussion, piano, sampling – all kinds of stuff – for my tour in the spring! I am so excited about it. It’s a ton of work, but it’s gonna be worth it.

Découvrez l’album de Crywolf en intégralité :

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