SACRE – Gaia

Le duo Parisien au nom mystérieux SACRE sort son premier single « Gaia » : une balade electro pop, plus complexe qu’elle n’y paraît, qui nous fait découvrir plusieurs facettes de leur univers hypnotique.

La mélodie et les voix vocodées diablement catchy coulent entre les envolés de synthés et une basse au groove irresistible et inattendu.

SACRE a accepté de répondre à nos 6 questions :

La Musique Sismique – Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

SACRE – Hmmm easy one…! We feel hard to talk about us…can we wait until Wikipedia does?

LMS – What are your ideal conditions to produce a track ?

SACRE – It could be somewhere in Tokyo at the top of a tower. We have to create the Yakitori beats!

LMS – Alone on a desert island, you have only one track on your iPod, which one ?

SACRE – DROPS from Jungle. Crystal. It’s a self cleaning track. Always new. Always charming.

LMS – What is the latest track you’ve listened that slapped your face ?

SACRE – SUNSET from Etienne de Crecy. The opposition bass/vocal makes us dance like prehistoric butterflies.

LMS – What is your musical guilty pleasure ?

SACRE – haha. We do assume everything we like!! But it’s true if someone caught us singing Smash Star-All Star it could be awkward for a second or two.

LMS – Do you have any release scheduled ?

SACRE – Yes! We’ll have an EP released progressively the next months, 5 tracks. We are still recording some of them. Some are being mixed right now.

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