L’exercice est périlleux, mais le résultat est là ! Le duo Tan Lines avec un pied en Floride, et l’autre à Paris nous offre ce cover de Frontin’ par Pharrell x JAY Z.

C’est épuré et gracieux, la voix de tête de Pharrell porte encore ce spleen magistral. La prod est lourde, et pour un premier titre, c’est prometteur !

Tan Lines s’est prêté au jeux des questions/réponses :

Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

We are a production team living 6,000 miles apart, creating music together and inspiring one another for over 7 years. Our only aspiration is to bring the world together in harmony.

What are your ideal conditions to produce a track?

The music comes from within, happiness is key. Other than that, time is only luxury we must afford.

Alone on a desert island, you have only one track on your iPod, which one?

Michael Jackson – Rock with You

What is the latest track you’ve listened that slapped your face?

Madeon – Icarus

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Jazz with coffee in the morning; Norah Jones, Raveena, Nicole Henry

Do you have any release scheduled?

We are very excited about our track with River which we will finish in the next month or so.

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